Simple Braid tutorial | Simple braid styling #1 – Scarf braid

The summer here in Greece is almost over! Although, the sunny and hot days are still going on. So, we thought of making a hairstyle for those who refuse to say goodbye to summer and welcome autumn! If you're asking me, I want autumn to come so that we'll have a great excuse to drink tea and bake muffins while watching our favorited TV series! 
So, the scarf braid is such a cute summery hairstyle but I think that it will look cute in autumn too using a scarf in orange, brown, earth colors! 
I tried this look on Christina's hair. Forgive me for the awful, awful nails! I'm studying for my exams and I'm too I bite my nails..such a bad habit, I know! Thank God I only bite them while I'm on exams..! Anyways!
Firstly, we are gonna show you how to make a simple braid! Maybe you already know, but let’s give some directions for the ones who don’t!
  • Divide you hair to three even parts.
  • Take the outside hair and go over the middle section.

  • Then take the other outside and go over the middle. 

  •  Again, right outside hair over the middle and then the left outside hair over the middle all the way down! Keep doing this till you don’t have more hair to braid! At the end, secure it with an elastic band. 
Now, we are gonna show you a way to give a fun little pop to the simple, regular braid!
  • Get a fabric, a thin scarf or a head band and follow the next steps to incorporate it into the braid!
  • Firstly, tie your hair into a ponytail with an elastic band.
  • Slide the fabric through the elastic band and then divide your hair (and the fabric, too) in three sections.
  • Then braid them normally.
  • When it comes to the end secure the braid with an elastic band and tie the fabric the way you want! 
The scarf braid is done!

Good Luck!!

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