Would you like to live here? (Costa Nova do Prado)

Reading some articles of the "Frankie Magazine" I bumped into these beautiful little houses! They remind me jars for sugar and cinamon with all those stripes and bright colours! It seems like they came out of a fairytale! These houses are located in an unbelievable place in Aveiro, Portugal called Costa Nova do Prado! As I read, this place used to be home of fishermen, who painted their homes with these colors and patterns so that to stand out against the pale white sand. How cool is that? I would definetley live there! It's a beutiful place to photograph and of course to try some excellent sea food in one of its many restaurants (as I got informed here).  Such a vintage vibe!

Also, I bumped into this kinda salty dessert!
Sweet and salty, the perfect combination! Have to try this one!

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