Halloween Tutorial: My Deer Makeup

Halloween is here! We -as Greeks- don't celebrate it but wherever we look on Internet we can see big frightening pumpkins, pumpkin recipes, Halloween tutorials and makeups, spooky things, spiders, bats...So, we are kinda jealous of all this amazing and fun celebration!
A few weeks ago, a beautiful ginger girl from Brazil came up with that gorgeous idea of making a deer makeup for Halloween and dedicate it to our little deer blog! We were really excited about that and couldn't wait to see the final look! This girl, is my sweet best friend form Brazil and her name is Ruh! She is sharing her thoughts and dreams in her blog Perplexidade e silencio! We became best friends via Polyvore and we are inseparable since then! I know that we are miles and miles apart but as she says: "Friends forever miles apart, maybe in distance but never in heart!" We can't thank her enough for this beautiful gift! She looks so pretty in her cute deer makeup! Don't you think? 
The following text showing step-by-step the deer makeup tutorial is written by her! 

>What you'll need:
Makeup base
White eyeshadow
Orange-brown blush
Very dark brown eyeshadow
Nude lipstick (or something like that)
A headband (in the same color of your hair)
Tree branches (yes, you read it right)
STEP 1: Pass a solid layer of base on the skin. Above the base, pass white eye shadow on almost entire face, just not in the chin. Then, pass an orange-brown blush on forehead and cheeks, creating a "frame" on the face.

STEP 2: With the same white shadow and a smaller brush, do some dots on the face, like the dots deers have on their fur, on the cheeks and forehead. Then, with a very dark brown eye shadow, apply above the blush line, to create some depth on the face.

STEP 3: Using the same very dark brown eye shadow, draw a line connecting the eyebrows and the nose. Above that line, pass eyeliner (thin and delicate). Fill out the tip of the nose with eyeliner to a dee-cute-nose! This is the most fun part of the makeup (:

STEP 4: Apply eyeliner on the eyelid, like a normal makeup. Then, pass the eyeliner following the lifting of the closed eye and and draw the end of the dash near the ear. Pass the eyeliner on the eyebrows too.

 STEP 5: Using the same eyeliner, draw a tiny line under your eyes, in the middle of the cheek. Place the eyelashes on this line. (Yes, it's kinda awkward gluing eyelashes in the middle of your face, but it's necessary to visual effect!)

STEP 6: Use a brown or nude lipstick. You don't have to highlight the mouth, you have to neutralize it.
Choose a headband almost of the color of your hair and put it like in the pic below. Take a lock of hair and put inside the headband, creating a little cute deer ear.

STEP 7: Do this on both sides, of course, because deers have two ears ;) Yes, it's tree branches! I took them from the park, you can find them anywhere, right? Place them inside the ears.

STEP 8: Ta-da! You're ready! (:

Also, you can check the whole process in this short video:

Thank you my deer Ruh! Happy Halloween! We wanna try this makeup on our Carnival celebration! So, there will be four of us, four cute deers! 

Hope you liked this tutorial! 
Comment below to tell us your opinion! 

Happy Halloween and Good Luck to those who will try this out! 

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  1. Wow! Pretty exciting make up! Your friend is so pretty & she's really good at make up!
    It's perfect for Halloween! Maybe you should go to one of those Halloween parties & try it on!
    It's gonna be real fun to try it before the Carnival!


    xo xo

  2. this is just adorable! the idea is so creative and cute! you look great!

  3. ah, this is the cutest makeup for a costume! i love it!

    lindsey louise


  4. OMG, you are so creative! Makeup looks gorgeous! Will use it for this Halloween!

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