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Confetti Cake :)
I told you that we'll meet again before 2014 coming! I always keep my promises (:
So, New Year is coming in a couple of days and 2013 will say "Goodbye" to us! Mum has started buying the goodies she needs for the festive table! Stuffed turkey, soup, salads, snacks, pies,wine and refreshments have a special place on the table. As for the traditional New Year's cake? Hmmm...that wants some more thought! Every year we grab our slice and start searching for the coin (Who doesn't?!) paying no attention to the cake. Most of the years our New Year's cake was not a hit, either it was mum's or it was bought from a bakery. We were always unlucky with this cake! It always ended up as a special treat for the cat and birds in the backyard! This year we have decided to bake a special cake and name it our New Year's cake! A quick walk at my Pinterest boards can reveal you all my sweet- Christmas inspiration! We haven't decided yet which one to bake! We would really appreciate if you could help us decide! Which one of the following cakes do you like the most? What will be your New Year's cake for 2014? 

Chocolate Layer Cake with Whipped Vanilla Cream, Rasberries and Chocolate Buttercream

Chocolate and Orange Layer Cake

 Gingerbread Cake with cream and Cranberries

Lemon Cheesecake 

Gingerbread Cake with a 7 minute Cinnamon Frosting

Date & Honey Cake With A Cinnamon Orange Glaze

    Sicilian Lemon and Orange Sweet Bread

We are between the "Chocolate and Orange Layer Cake" and the "Date & Honey Cake With A Cinnamon Orange Glaze". As you can tell we love orange! 
Do you like the 2014 decoration on the first cake? Hmmm...We wanna make something similar to it or generally a "New Year" decoration for the cake! A post will come up soon once we make some special decoration!!
Till then, have a great time with the ones you love! 

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