Hello October ✿

 October. This month is more like a door to the winter. September was really really rainy but the weather was still really warm. So, we were wearing our summer clothes with some autumnish details, like denim jackets and shirts. Our tights and sweaters are still in the winter wardrobe. We hope that this month will be all about colourful and patterned tights! Warm chocolate and tea in our favorite little parisian cafés! Οh these cafés ... they smell like cinammon and chocolate and remind you lovely things! Jazz and blues on the replay! I hope this month is full of happy moments, dance (I'm preparing a post for my dance experience), learning new things and staying positive! 

P.S: This photo couldn't exist without this beauty(cat). Entagling in my feet all the time and make cute faces! hehe
P.S 2: I'm running late for a thing ..and that's why the text above is so short! I could write and write and write many more things hehe Ι'll make up for you! 
 ♫ In the mood: Melanie Martinez- Carousel

              Have a great month everybody!

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