Hello December ✯


Winter finally came. December!Get prepared for really cold days and some snow {please}! Knit your own scarves, beanies, gloves and sweaters and don't be afraid of anything. Make hot tea and savoury cakes. Ιnvite your friends at home. Watch some movies, chat and play games! Gather at lovely cafes and enjoy some hot chocolate! 
December means Christmas! Decorate your home so that it feels like Christmas! Put on some Christmas songs and dance at your living room. Make plans for Christmas! Give love to your favorite people and to people who need it! Be imaginative and creative! Don't lose every signle day of December! Do things you love and make you happy! 

                Have a great December everybody! 

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  1. Hello from Spain: nice words to begin this month. I wish it snowed where I live. Keep in touch.

  2. Have yourselves a merry little Christmas! Spread love as a frosting to a cupcake and share it with anyone who feels "hungry"! xx

  3. I wish for snow as well. But, I think that's unlikely to happen...Pity!