Hello January and Happy 2015 ❅

January. New Year. 2015! Goodbye 2014! We leave back all the bad times we had and keep the lovely moments forever. Don't hate those bad moments...they made you mature and stronger! Make your new year's resolutions. Write them down if you want! Οn a paper you sketched yourself. Hide it in an old book or pin it somewhere to see them everyday! Fill your backpack with dream, hope, will, power and love. Everything is possible if you have those little magic "people" in your backpack! Never stop having faith for the things you want! 
Οn this trip take with you people you love. Don't forget to appreciate all the good and bad times with them! Always remember to show them your love! In every way you want! 
A lovely trip needs a lovely soundtrack, too! Every moment is better when it has its own soundtrack, right? 
2015! Use what the previous years tought you and experience new things. New places, tastes, music, dance, interesting people and situations in your personal life and career! 
Try to appreciate people and moments not the material goods!

Have a great 2015 everybody!
Lots of love my deers 

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  1. Hello from Spain: Happy New Year.

  2. Love this! Made me smile so much :) Happy new year x


  3. Happy new year !!
    Wishing all the best :)