Hello February ❤

February. It seems that the "Hello January" post was a really long time ago! January was full of lovely moments! A good start for the new year! Don't give up on your New Year's resolutions just yet! Add more in your list and -proudly- cross out the ones you've already achieved! So, the new month...February! Full of hearts maybe because February -for many people- is associated with Valentine's Day! Something big for some people, an ordinary day for some others! For me, it's just a normal day in which you can add some more hearts in your outfit! Actually, I hope the whole February is full of hearts {}! That's what it really matters, right? So, the previous month three little deers were happy to welcome young "Agatha". If you follow us on Instagram you already know who Agatha really is! It's our baby DSLR camera which we wanted for years and yeah we can proudly hold it in our hands! Hopefully this month you'll be able to read on our blog a new project we are preparing for you! I hope February is full of happy moments, new experiences, love and creations! 

Have a great February everybody!
Lots of love my deers 

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  1. Hello from Spain: February is a short but intense month. I also like to celebrate the day of love. Keep in touch