our ginger friend Ruh ✿

Almost 6 years ago I bumped into a site, called Polyvore. Fashion, beauty, interior sets, like magazine pages (or I should say even better), inspiration, creativity, unique ideas.  The most beautiful thing I gained throught this experience is my brazilian friend Ruh! I "met" her in a fashion contest and we started talking. From that moment we are talking and sharing thoughts till today. Maybe It seems weird but I really consider her as one of my best and closest friends! 
A week ago, a big dream came true! Ruh came to Greece! When I saw her at the bus station here in Volos I couldn't believe that it was happening in reality. 6 years and 6235 miles for this hug!! It was such a moving moment! Those 2 and a half days she and her boyfriend, Diogo, were in our city we were hanging out like friends from the past! It was so weird but amazing and lovely! We had so much fun together! Walking along seaside, eating local food, shopping, chatting for hours, visiting Pelion mountain and capturing every moment with our cameras, Agatha and Jean! When It was time to say goodbye, ohh it was really sad but as we said, we are lucky to meet each other in person and have such a great time together even for so little time! I feel really lucky to have her in my life! 

Now I have as a memory of our meeting the deer painting hung on my wall and the lovely carousel and deer necklace around my neck. Aren't they lovely? 
Ruh's bloghttp://perplexidadesilencio.blogspot.com.br/
Diogo's Flickrhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/diogocostta/
You should definitely check out their photos!

 Sorry for being such terrible food bloggers for the last months! Stay connected with the deer through the pics uploaded on our Instagram account! We hope to come back soon with another recipe post!

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  1. Oh sweetie, meeting you was one of the most important and adorable moments of my life! Thank you for being my friend, even with all the distance between us. You are very important to me! I love you!