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Hey there! This is our first post and we decided to tell you some things about our blog! First of all, let us introduce you our dearest deer, who will help us around here.

Her name is Ginger and she loves candies. Ηer hair is ruddy and all over her body she has some white sprinκles that make her so charming.

A blog about recipes? Hmm.. Yeah! We love baking stuff and treating our friends and family. We like watching cooking shows on TV and Youtube. Our favorite ones are Jamie Oliver, Sorted, Rachel Khoo, Entertaining with Beth, LeafTV and many others, from whom we are pretty inspired. Inspiring movies are Ratatouille, the little chef mouse (Eugenia has watched it over 100 times, for sure), Julie and Julia, a true story based movie for a cooking blogger inspired by Julia Child. Οf course we couldn't have skipped the greek chefs we were inspired by, like Mrs.Vefa (if you're greek you must have heard about her from your mom for sure). We were born and raised with her recipes, so we are inevitably inspired by her tasty and classy cuisine. In this blog we'll do our best to serve you alternative though tasty dishes.

A blog about dance, too? Yeah! Our sister Christina will give you some tips about dancing. She won't try to teach you anything playing the professional, she will just share her passion for dance with you! Also, we'll make some articles about dance generally including inspirational pics and videos, cause we love all kinds of dance.
"Dance with your heart, not with your head"
 _Street Dance 2_

We are girls and we love fashion, hair and all these girly stuff! So, we'll try to give you some tips or ideas about hair, outfits as well as some DIYs. We'll include in our articles people who isnpire us as style icons or trends we love!

Hmm..so that's for now! See ya at our posts!

Deer kisses,

Evgenia, Sophia and Christina 
      A deer sketch made by Sophia.

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