birthday cupcakes


On 25th of April, on Christina’s birthday, two young ambitious pastry cooks got in the kitchen. They wanted to bake “The Red Velvet Cupcakes”! They followed the recipe step by step cause they wanted to make the ultimate red velvet cupcakes for their little sister. Unfortunately, the red food color was not too strong and so the mixture turned into a beautiful pink color.
“It’s okay! Christina will love the pink cupcakes! Let’s move on!”, the said. They sprinkled Oreo chips in the mixture. “They will definitely be the best and sweetest birthday cupcakes ever!” But after 20 minutes of baking they opened the oven and ta raaaan…
Brown cupcakes! :(
The two cooks disappointed so much (especially Sophia) that they almost gave up. At last, they decided to keep the brown cupcakes and to move on with the frosting. They made the traditional red velvet frosting with cream cheese. Little did they know that this frosting would come up really dilute. Sad again! :(
  They shouldn’t have put in the frosting two tablespoons of milk, as they saw in the recipe but one!
Christina was arriving in some minutes! They had to do something to save this mess and make the cupcakes look pretty! So, they colored the frosting light mint and covered the cupcakes with it. Some Oreo chips sprinkled on top and the 17 candles on the cute little cakes! They used a big orange cake platter to display them and then put the candles on it!
“Happy Birthday our little fairy!” ♥

Some pics of the whole process!They look pretty sweet and beautiful! They were really yum!! Christina loved them! That’s what it really mattered after all! :)
What you really have to remember when cooking or baking is that you mustn’t give up but you should try for the best! If the result is not the expected one, don’t be disappointed but try to have fun with the ones you love! It’s not the end of the world, you can always make it better and better the next time!



  1. den exei shmasia p dn sas vghkan opws thelate...!!! egw ta dokimasa kai htan nostima!!!!!! perimenw na ftiaksete k alla!!!!! :D

  2. Είναι νοστιμότατα και μάλιστα τα δοκίμασα!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's perfect!!!!!!
    Καλή συνέχεια κορίτσια!