Crème anglaise in cocktail glass

From our previous recipe (Lemon Meringue Pie) we had some leftovers egg yolks. Most of times, we didn’t know what to do with them and we ended up making omelets! This time we decided to make something new, a Crème anglaise. This was the first time we’ve ever tried this crème! It tastes like vanilla crème for babies! If you love these ones, you’re gonna love Crème anglaise ! But we couldn’t eat it plain like that (our mum absolutely did!) and so we thought of making something more special, a crème anglaise in a cocktail glass with biscuits and preserved carrot. It’s so easy, yummy and refreshing dessert! You should try this one!

Ingredients for the crème anglaise:
3 egg yolks
3 teaspoons of granulated sugar
1 cup of milk
1 vanilla pod

(You can double the amount of egg yolks, milk and sugar if you want more creme! With these ingredients we made three glasses!)

How to:
-Pure the milk into a pan and bring to the boil.
-Scrape the seeds from the vanilla pod (as you see in the pictures below) into the pan and dump in the empty pod too.
-In a bowl whisk the egg yolks with the sugar.
-Pour the boiling milk slowly with a ladle onto the yolks and sugar, whisking all the time cause we don’t wanna have scrambled eggs ;)
-Return it back to the pan and heat gently, continuing to stir until it is thickened and coats the back of a spoon. With your finger make a line on the back of the wooden spoon. If the shape of the line remains, the crème is ready.
-Transfer the crème to a bowl after straining it. You have to strain this to collect the vanilla pod or any scrambled bits.
-You can serve it hot or cold with any dessert. Sorted suggest pouring it over sliced fresh banana if you want to keep it simple!
>If you wanna make the crème anglaise in a cocktail glass, follow the next steps:

- Crush some biscuits in a bowl until you have fine crumbs. We didn’t have biscuits so we cracked some mommy’s lemon cookies! Comment below if you want the recipe for them ;) We cracked about 5-6 cookies. You will see how many you’ll need!
-Pour in the biscuits the melted butter to combine. We used about 2 tablespoons of melted butter. See how much you need for your dessert! We wanted a thin layer of biscuits. If you want a bigger one, add more biscuits and more butter of course!
- Make a layer with the biscuits on the bottom of the glass. Then put some crème on the next layer! On the top we used some preserved carrots! You can use whatever you want! If you love chocolate you can make a layer with melted chocolate, too or sprinkle some chocolate chips on the top!
- Let it cool in the refrigerator for some hours so it will be really refreshing! You can eat it hot but it’s summer so…you need something refreshing!
Here is our try:

Bon appétit!
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