Lemon Meringue Pie {Happy Birthday Sophia!}

This year for Sophia’s birthday we decided to make something really special! Watching Sorted video on youtube, Evgenia bumped into this beautiful Lemon Meringue Pie. We had never done a lemon pie before, so we thought that it would be nice for a birthday cake!

We were so happy…getting in the kitchen, taking pictures, eating some biscuits (hehe)! If you haven’t tried something with lemons and you love this sour taste, you should try this one! The lemon curd is just delicious! You can put it in a jar and eat it everyday! We are gonna do it for sure!!
You can find the recipe here! Watch the video, too! It’s really helpful!
We had some problems in baking and so we are gonna give you some tips:
Tip #1: You must have a biscuit base with removable bottom! We had one but it was way too large for the biscuit mixture! So, we couldn’t use it! What did we do? We made one using Bristol cardboard! It really worked but we had a little problem in taking the pie out of it! So…just use a biscuit base with removable bottom! The best you can do ;)
Tip #2: You have to let the pie cool for 2 hours before adding the meringue! You have to do this! It’s really yummy and well- defined after refrigeration!
Tip #3: After cooling for 2 hours, you should get the pie out of the biscuit base and transfer it gently on the plate, where you’ll display it! Then add the meringue either with a piping bag or with a spatula and make little “hills” so that they turn golden brown when baking. Everything is great till now! Here is the big deal: If you own a kitchen blow torch you’re awesome! Just use it to caramelise the meringue! If you don’t have this great kitchen tool, come and cry with us! I’m kidding or not…! Well, put the lemon meringue pie under a really hot grill just for 1-2 minutes! Don’t leave it for too long cause the meringue will melt…We left it for about a minute and the “hills” became beautifully golden brown! Really awesome! But the pie kinda melted and fell apart. It wasn’t such a disaster but it wasn’t the ideal one! After that we couldn’t just put the candles, blow it and slice it…and so we put it back to the fridge for about half an hour. Then when we got it out it was cool but not so strong and stable. Conclusion: Use a kitchen blow torch and you’ll be alright!
Tip #4: If you don’t own a kitchen blow torch and you don’t wanna go through this disaster don’t add the meringue, add some whipped cream! This is what we are gonna do the next time baking a lemon pie! BUT: Don’t eat the meringue raw without any baking or caramelizing! I don’t think that it’s healthy! 
We didn't use all the meringue cause it was too much for our pie! With the remaining meringue we made meringue drops: 
We burned them so just enjoy the unbaked ones!
Beside all these, the pie was really delicious! The lemon curd was ohhhh so tasty and refreshing!  It turned out a really delicious and unique birthday cake!
Happy Birthday Sophia ♥
Here is our try:

With the remaining egg yolks we will make a Crème anglaise (custard)! Stay tuned :)

Bon appétit!
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  1. Happy Birthday κι απο δω! <3
    μια χαρά έγινε η μαρέγκα από πάνω!
    εξαιρετικό και το αυτοσχέδιο τσέρκι! χουχου :Ρ

    Kisses xx