Take us back to Istanbul vol.2 !

 This is the second part of our "Take us back to Istanbul" posts! The following pics have been taken at Prince Islands! We've only visited Büyükada Island, which means "Big Island".You'll miss everything if you travel to Istanbul and won't visit these islands! All the magic is hidden there! Believe me! Beautiful homes, amazing little shops, cute stands selling ice-cream and sweet treats and of cource stands selling THE flower crowns! All the girls there wear flower crowns on their heads.Wearing a flower crown really gives you the romantic, vintage, fairytale vibe of this island. You'll feel like a princess in a magical island full of flowers and horse-drawn carriages willing to give you a ride around this beautiful oasis!

The following pics are from the biggest skyscraper in Istanbul, where we found macarons, chocolate covered strawberries and other sweet delicacies! The little white chocolates are forming the phrase 
"Seni seviyorum", which means "I love you"! How cute!
Look how beautiful these little bowls are! We found them at the Kapali Carsi! It's the Grand Bazaar, where you can find everything, from the best leather coats to jewellery, hippie bags and little traditional cafe shops hidden at the most unpredictable places!
Bellow, is the Old Αqueduct! Ιt's a beautiful place, which used to be covered with water all the way up! Now It's more like a "lake" with fish and little corridors leading you to the whole area! The orange -underwater- lights add a fiery, mysterious vibe to this historical place! Also, in the area between some columns there are two big rocks, which depict Medusas'a head if they are linked to each other! Medusas's head is upside down cause due the legend if someone sees Medusas's face in the natural way, he will turn into stone! Really thrilling! ;)
 Finally, leaving Istanbul we stopped by the Pierre Lottie Hill, where is stated a beautiful cafe . And why is this cafe beautiful? Cause it has the best view...Enjoy in the pics below! Unfortunately we didn't have the time to drink something there but we had time to enjoy this incredible view and take some pictures!

 Returning home with the sweetest treats, Soutzouk Loukoum in many flavors and colors and of cource Baklava! Mmmm...yummy!

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  1. teleies teleies teleies fwtografies <3

  2. αγαπώ τα ταξίδια! τέλειες φωτογραφίες! :)

  3. Έχω επισκεφθεί την Κωνσταντινούπολη μια φορά. Οι φωτογραφίες σου μου ξύπνησαν αναμνήσεις ^_^

  4. Sigh, I would love to just follow you around for a few days (I mean that in the least creepy way possible). Beautiful!


  5. Θέλω κι εγω να ξαναπω στην Πόλη!


  6. Αχ πόσο πολύ αγαπώ την Πόλη! Έχω πάει δύο φορές και θέλω πάλι πάλι ναι πάλιιιιιι!