Chocolate chip M u f f i n s !


Autumn. Rainy, windy days, hair waving, tramping on the orange-yellow leaves with your brogues, feeling the need to run to the nearest vintage café and drink flavoured tea and hot chocolate with your best friends or just willing to cover yourself with a soft blanket and read romantic poems.
The recipe we’ve always wanted to try these orange, vanilla flavoured days is Muffins, these little cute cakes which you can buy at bakeries and coffee shops. When we found this recipe here, we couldn’t resist baking them! Little cakes with chocolate chips and a big surprise hidden in them…a chunk of white chocolate! Yum yum!

I N G R E D I E N T S  for C H O C O L A T E  C H I P   M U F F I N S:
300g self raising flour
100g caster sugar
2 tsp of vanilla extract
4 medium eggs
100g of unsalted butter at room temperature
100g chocolate chips
8 tsp of milk

D i R E C T I O N S:
- Sieve flour in a bowl. Add the sugar and mix.
- In another bowl pour the beaten eggs, butter, vanilla, milk and mix them well till combined. We used a normal (salted) buter not an unsalted one! The result was the same! So, don't panic if you don't have the unsalted one!
- Add in this bowl the dry ingredients and mix well till you have a homogeneous mixture.
-Then add the chocolate chips to the mixture and stir with a spatula. In our muffins we added dark chocolate chips. The result was not that bitter and so we liked them! But we would like to try the milk chocolate chip muffins the next time.
- With an ice-cream scoop put equal amount of mixture in the muffin liners.
- Then, place half a chunk of chocolate in the middle of each of these muffins.
- Bake them in a preheated oven for 15-20 minutes in a preheated oven to 200°C.
-It makes 15-20 muffins.
Serve them with a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate.
We had our muffins with hot apple, cinnamon and vanilla flavoured tea. Such a dreamy combination! The whole home smelled like vanilla and chocolate for a couple of days! Why not staying at home then?

Bon appétit!
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  1. Yummy! Ειναι τοσο λαχταριστα! Ανυπομονω να τα φτιαξω!!! :)

    xo xo

  2. σοκολατένια muffins και τσάι μήλο ♥

    Kisses xx

  3. That sounds easy,
    and they look so yummy!

    Following now!

    Style Nirvana

  4. Mόλις τα είδα μου άνοιξε η όρεξη!χαχα

    Σε περιμένω στο blog μου κι αν θες μπορούμε να ακολουθήσουμε η μία την άλλη! :D
    Χχχ Lena!

  5. Looks delicious! Perfect breakfast! I only need to find someone to make it for me xD