When mum is baking vol.2


Since we have a lot of studying lately, there is no free time for kitchen creations! But not for much longer!Thank God mommy is baking and making sweet things for us! It's a consolation to have a piece of cake with nutella as frosting waiting for you, when you can't stand any more books and notes! Besides this cake, mommy made some preserved grapes and filled three jars with them! A lot..! By the time my exams period is over, I wanna get into the web and search for the best Carrot Cake recipe and make it with my sisters on a windy but sunny afternoon! It will be really fun!

While searching in our photo archives, I found this little cutie! I'm not a cats lover but this one is really adorable, isn't it? 


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  1. Εκπληκτικές φωτογραφίες όπως πάντα! Αγαπώ ελάφι & συγχαρητήρια στη δημιουργό λοιπόν!

  2. Mmmm μα τι γιάμι! Καλή αρχή κορίτσια!

  3. Φαινεται τοσο λαχταριστο!!!!
    I love you deer!!!


    xo xo