Graduation. 4 years full of new experiences, books, studying, kids, new friends, happy & carefree moments. Students. And you were saying that you're fed up with all those tasks and studying. Now? You miss them, right? It's an end of an era. Of course you miss them! And now the graduation is just around the corner. Kinda nervous, in the search of the perfect dress, preparations, gathering all the people I love and want to be there with me. Graduation time. 12.30 midday. You're awake by 9am. Hair, crimson lipstick, my perfect floral, 50s inspired pink dress and off to the university. Girls and boys in their best outfits, smiley faces, laughs, colourful bouquets, photographs to capture the moments. Α lovely smile from people you love. You miss some of them but you know they are mentally with you. Smile for that. The time has come. Wearing the black graduation toga. It didn't feel like Harry Potter, as I thought it would be. I would wear it every day hehe...or at least one more time. Cheering, applause, streamers, confetti, whistles...the degree and we are graduated teachers. HURRAY! 

Emotion, delight and party! 

 All your friends are graduating, too and going back to their hometowns. Sad moments. But you made friends for life and created memorable moments! Let's smile for that and throw confetti in the air, creating a colourful sky!

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