hello September ✿

  September. The first month of autumn. New season. New start. We leave behind us every single summer moment that made us blue and -of course- we will keep forever the lovely moments with people we love. Look back! Of course you had those moments which are still making you smile. Fun and laughing with friends, long long conversations, swimming and dancing like kids,  hiding from people and making silly stuff with the girls, eating corn at the seaside late at night and joking, learning salsa and dancing with strangers -feeling free-  meeting new people, taking my diploma, hiking and getting lost in unknown places. . .but when having friends this is not a problem, camping and sleeping in a tent while listening to reggae music. Those are memories to collect  Those saying that "Best things in life are not things" are totally right! And you know, happiness is hidden in the little everyday things! Just go and search for them! September is like the start of a new year for me..maybe because I have combined it with the start of school year! September is orange and smells like cinnamon. I can't wait to start new activities (), bake donuts, wear printed socks and sit with my sisters in the living room while watching our favorite series and drinking hot chocolate! Long, long conversations, singing and daydreaming are welcome, too! 

Have a great September lovely people! 

Show the deer some love 

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