Pancakes on a rainy day ☂

 Autumn. Today here in Volos was raining at the morning. I woke up and opened the window. The sky was grey and the first raindrops had already soaked the road. The chalk written "hello September" has already disappeared. Melancholia. Autumn does its best to prove that is here for good! So, there is nothing better than pancakes to say "Welcome". Pancakes with merenda or for those autumn lovers, pancakes with honey and cinammon. Yeah, a more autumnal choice. Make some pennants out of paper to celebrate the first raining days...celebrate...oh attempt to avoid being melancholic and sad! Grab a book or draw something while enjoying rain! 

Note no.1: I haven't read "De profundis" by Oscar Wilde yet. I just loved the cover. Guilty! 
Note no.2: Find pancakes recipe here
♫ In the mood: Lana del Ley - Old money

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  1. Hello from Spain: very tasty Great pics. Keep in touch

  2. Μιαμ μιαμ!! Να είχαμε κι εδω λίγες ... Θα μου επιτρέψεις όμως να διαφωνήσω λίγο με τη μερέντα! Παρόλο που έχουμε πολύ στενή σχέση, για τις pancakes την απατάω λίγο με το μέλι! χιχι♥

  3. Έλα έλα δεν μελαγχολούμε!!! δεν ήταν πρωτοβρόχια, μια καλοκαιρινή βροχούλα ήταν, το καλοκαίρι θα μας κάνει λίγη παρέα ακόμη, να δεις!

  4. αν μια βροχούλα μεταφράζεται σε γλυκάκια και Oscar Wild, θα περιμένω πώς και πώς τις καταιγίδες!

    (φανταστική αισθητική btw.... τρώμε τη σκόνη σου :-) )

  5. I went downstairs last night to make blueberry pancakes only to find that I had no flour, & now your post makes me want pancakes even more!! xx