ice-cream & back to school ✐

Autumn means: hot chocolate instead of ice-cream and back to school! In my case none of these are happening this autumn. I'm still eating ice-cream even if my throat doesn't like it! Sore throat on the way! The weather is still warm. This is the excuse yeah! This year is the first one without school or university. I never thought I would tell it but I miss school and university lessons! I love this every year routine of buying new notebooks, pens, studying and being mad about that, keeping notes, being bored during classes and instead of listening to the professor you are chatting with your friends or just daydreaming. The smell of school, books and pencils and generally the feeling of being a student is priceless. I will miss that! It's an end of era for sure! To make this change smoother, I bought myself this lovely Minnie Mouse metallic pencil case and some nude pencils. I'm thinking of drawing the way I want the pencils. I have made one with polka dots so far. 

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Have a great, creative school year everyone!
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  1. Hello from Spain: nice pics. Tasty ice cream and happy return to school. Keep in touch