cat chica!

Cat chica. Our home has been something like a cat shelter this year. 6 cats so far. All black, black n' white, ginger, grey and a blonde-brunette mix! A happy family, as I'm saying on our Instagram account. Eating, playing, hugging and sleeping all day long. Yeah, that's life! Pet them continuously and they will love you forever. Scratches are not missing of course! As in every relationship, you have good times and bad times! You see our cats in the pics for the "Hello, month" series. This little sweetie is entagling in my feet all the time and so she is not missing from every single pic! Αlso, she fancies smelling and eating chalks while photoshooting.  She ends up with a colourful fur. So cute! 

Ginger.The most famous one? Garfield! Ι think our cat looks alike Garfield, huh? Ginger, chubby, cute! This one is sleeping and eating a lot lot lot -obvious, huh- and is so shy and fearful!
         ♫ In the mood: My baby just cares for me - Nina Simone

Ιn the pics: Miss Evgenia, deer No.1! 

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  1. Hello from Spain: fabulous collection of cats. Lovely pics. Keep in touch