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When mum is baking...

 So, the past two weeks we three started studying for different purpose each one! Poor us..
Because of this we don't have so much free time to bake delicious things. From the other side, mommy is in a creative mood baking us sweet treats! She made us a Pasta Flora with orange jam. We've bought some days ago an orange jam and we didn't like it so we thought transforming into something else. So mommy copied our Pasta Flora recipe and added the orange jam! The jam tasted better in this tart...It became sweeter! 
Weird ;) Also, she added some unique details on it! Hehe
Then she made another cake called "Fanouropita". It's a pie we -Greeks- bake in honor of a Saint! It's really delicious with the icing sugar covering it!
Here are some pics: 

Hope to find some free time to bake something new! 

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  1. Απλά απολαμβάνω τα ποστ Σας!
    Εκπληκτικές φωτογραφίες & δημιουργίες!

  2. It looks so yummy!!!!


    xo xo

  3. Γιαμ γιαμ!! Εχει ποσα χρονια που λεω να κανω πάστα φλόρα και όλο το αναβάλω...!

  4. Αχ και εγω εψηνα την μαμα μου να κανει παστα φλορα
    με μαρμελαδα ροδακινο που εχει φτιαξει.
    Η φανουροπιτα σας φαινεται νοστιμότατη!



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